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Laos coaching courseChris Huang, Former FITB President from 2009-2017 visited Mongolia and Laos this April to run FITB C coaching courses. The C level courses are designed for new countries to have groups of people capable of teaching tchoukball to others. Chris was approached during the Asia-Pacific Tchoukball Federation General Assembly and was only too happy to assist these new countries in the development of tchoukball.

In Mongolia, most of the participants were from the capital Ulaanbaatar to come to learn professional training skill from Taiwan. At the beginning of the seminar, The General Secretary of APTBF, Chris Huang, introduced the history of tchoukball and the rules. After the presentation, Chris took them outside and started to play. In the afternoon, Chris started to teach the training skills and taught what a good coach should do and notice during training. The training sessions were only scheduled for 2 days, but at the request of the Mongolian coaches, Chris stayed for 3 days and taught many techniques and shared his experiences from Taiwan.

General Secretary of Mongolia, Amraa Jargal, took Chris to see the sports stadium and Mongolia style campsite accommodation with spectacular mountain views to see if there is a possibility for Mongolia to host the next East Asian Tchoukball Championships in Ulaanbaatar. The sports stadium has 3 basketball courts and thousands of seat which is a very modern and professional facility. Mongolia is a very new federation and hasn't hosted a FITB event yet, but Chris left the country very impressed.

Chris travelled on to Vientiane in Laos for a further 2 days training with the country's FITB representative, teaching 11 people tchoukball in a similar way.

Mongolia coaching courseChris was delighted to introduce tchoukball to these countries:

"As President, I prioritised the development of tchoukball across the world and it was a wonderful opportunity to continue this work. I have now assisted 45 countries since 2009 and it's a pleasure to receive such a warm and friendly welcome from our partners in Mongolia and Laos".

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