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Portugal coaching courseOn the 13th of December, 2018, the first FITB C coach course was held in Portugal, at the secondary school Dr Ginestal Machado, in the city of Santarém. The course was conducted by the FITB Director of International Development Julio Calegari and participants from different regions of the country took part.

Portuguese physical education teacher Candido Azevedo, who was one of those responsible for the introduction of tchoukball in Macau is now back in Portugal leading the promotion of the sport along with Luis Arrais in their homeland.

Azevedo is optimistic about the development of tchoukball in Portugal.

"This first coaching course is a milestone for the promotion of tchoukball in the country and we expect to be able to already register our national association, host regional tournaments and take part in an international event such as the Beach Tchoukball Festival in Rimini next year."

Chiara Volonté, President of the European Tchoukball Federation commented:

I'm delighted to see the FITB run a coaching course in Portugal. Coaching courses have historically been the best way to start tchoukball in a country as it provides a way of qualifying people to teach tchoukball themselves in their own style in an appropriate way. I greatly look forward to working with the Portuguese students to develop tchoukball in their country.

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