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The FITB held a 'C' Level coaching course seminar on 08 and 09 October in Nairobi, Kenya. It was the first time FITB held a seminar there and there were 12 delegates from four different countries, including Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Kenya. Taking the opportunity to visit Africa and coach directly, the FITB President Chris Huang and the FITB General Secretary Coach Fang led the course themselves.

Some of the delegates spent a whole day travelling by bus from their country to Kenya in order to learn coaching techniques from the course leaders. Travelling with President Huang and Coach Fang was Eric Lu, secretary to the President. Eric was humbled by the delegate's dedication and commitment and commented as follows:

"The purpose for holding the C Coaching Course seminar is to teach the delegates how to teach basic Tchoukball training skills and some warm-up exercises. With this knowledge, they can present what they learned from the FITB, and then start to teach players in their country. The seminar had the indoors and outdoors activities, so we separated the place into two. The first place where we held the seminar was in the Africa Scout Headquarters. While we taught the lesson there, we had a lot of local interest. After we finished the lesson, at least 50 more people were interested in learning Tchoukball. They were so excited, because it was their first time to experience this kind of sport, and they felt interested.

Once we finished the first course, it was on to Starehe Boys' Center. Here we had at least 100 students watch our training. We also taught them some basic skills to play Tchoukball and had some small friendly matches with them. Although it was not a formal competition, we still organised some matches to learn from each other during the game. We successfully introduced this kind of educational visit in Nairobi, Kenya, and hope that everyone would join us in the future. During the time in Kenya, we went to The Department of Sport Headquarters and visited the Deputy Commissioner of Sports in Kenya. The reason why we went to visit Kenya's government is because that we would like to hold The Africa Tchoukball Championships in Nairobi, Kenya in August 2016, and we sought their support to hold this event. The Kenya's government expressed that they were willing to offer a place for us to hold the event. Also, they admitted that they would help us to hold the C Coaching Course for the P.E teachers in Kenya, and started to plan this event. After the main work was done, I was honoured to visit the Regimental Commander of Africa Scout Headquarters and the Director of Starehe Boys' Center; they expressed that they were willing to provide a place for us to hold the event. These achievements will forge a great start for this event for the future.

President Chris Huang was also keen to pay tribute to the African organisers:

"The FITB remains committed to working in Africa. It was an incredible experience for me and the team from the FITB to see Africa and work with the Kenyan organisers. On behalf of the FITB and its members, I would like to thank the President of Kenya Tchoukball Federation, Kennedy Miruka, for a well-organised and friendly reception for us and also for his amazing hard-work promoting tchoukball in Kenya and East Africa."

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