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The first ever 'C' level FITB Coaching Course took place in Chile on the 8th and 9th November at the Universidade Mayor (Santiago, Chile).  Brazillian coach and PE instructor Archimedes de Moura Junior led the session with the participation of 22 teachers and students.

The FITB 'C' level course is aimed at beginners in tchoukball and typically forms the first education of tchoukball in a new country.  For the candidates, it was a great opportunity to meet up and learn abou tchoukball from an established South American coach. Some of them, like Wladimir Cuevas, from La Serena region, travelled 8 hours to take part and learn more about tchoukball.

{pullquote}this course was a great way of bringing people together to develop our sport{/pullquote}

The course covered the basics such as the rules, technique and history of tchoukball, but also the importance of the Tchoukball Charter, coach and player attitude and some strategies to better promote the sport in the country. The goal of the FITB and the participants is to join the next PanAmerican Tchoukball Championships and create the Asociacion Chilena de Tchoukball.

Director of International Development, Julio Calegari was delighted to hear of the course:

"There has been considerable interest in Chile for some time, and this course was a great way of bringing people together to develop our sport.  I look forward to seeing tchoukball progress in Chile."

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