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In 2012, the following competitions and matches were run by the FITB:


Continental Tchoukball Championships

  • Asia-Pacific Tchoukball Championships (7-a-side Men, 7-a-side Women)
  • African Tchoukball Championships (7-a-side Men)
  • Pan-American Tchoukball Championships (7-a-side Men, 7-a-side Women)


Continental Youth Tchoukball Championships

  • Asia-Pacific Youth Tchoukball Championships (M12 Boys, M12 Girls, M15 Boys, M15 Girls, M18 Boys, M18 Girls)


Invitational Competitions

  • Cross Straits Invitational (7-a-side Men, 7-a-side Women)


Friendly Matches

  • ESP vs. MAR (7-a-side Men)
  • TOG vs. BEN (7-a-side Men)
  • IND vs. NEP (7-a-side Men)
  • FRA vs. ESP (7-a-side Men)
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