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Fang Shen SzuIn 2017, Fang Shen-Szu was elected President of the FITB. President Fang was the General Secretary of the FITB during the presidency of Chris Huang from 2009-2017. Known as "Coach Fang" throughout the world, he was instrumental in raising coaching standards not only in his native Taiwan but across Asia, Europe and the Americas. Fang coached the Chinese Taipei men's team taking them from the losing finalists of the 2004 World Tchoukball Championships in Taiwan to unassailable world champions from 2009 to the current day.

Chris HuangChin-Cheng "Chris" Huang was elected President at the 2009 FITB General Assembly. For years, Chris had worked alongside Daniel Buschbeck, the former President and played a huge role in getting tchoukball into the World Games in 2009 in Taiwan as a demonstration sport. Chris was seen as a perfect successor to Daniel based on his efforts and his popularity across the world as a leading figure in tchoukball.

Daniel Buschbeck: 2002-2009Daniel Buschbeck was elected President at the FITB General Assembly in 2002 in the United Kingdom. Daniel was involved heavily in the organisation of the Geneva World Championships in 2000 and had established the European Cup of 2001. Daniel's time as President oversaw a huge expansion of tchoukball, professionalising the organisation and delivery of the sport.

Michel Favre: 2000-2002Michel Favre was elected President at the FITB General Assembly of 2000 in Geneva Switzerland. Michel is the co-inventor of tchoukball working with Dr Hermann Brandt, the creator of tchoukball, and provides a direct link to the ethos and educational values of the sport. Michel was a key organiser in the Geneva 2000 World Championships which rejuvenated tchoukball and for the first time hosted teams from 3 continents with Brazil participating. Working with Daniel Buschbeck, future FITB President, Michel's contributions paved the way for a new generation of players, organisers and officials to take tchoukball forward.

John Andrews: 1984-2000In the founding years of tchoukball until the year 2000, tchoukball grew across the world. The focus was on spreading the sport and developing it fully with its academic values instead of establishing a full programme of competitions. John Charles Andrews, from Buckinghamshire in the UK, was the leading officer in that area for the FITB from 1984 until 2000. John became involved in FIEP, the International Federation for Physical Education in the 1960s and was the FIEP's representative from Great Britain from 1970-2004. As part of his work with the FIEP, John was able to develop tchoukball across the world. John had already taken tchoukball to Taiwan in 1977 and in doing so, laid the foundations for Taiwan becoming the most successful tchoukball nation ever.

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