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The FITB today releases rankings for men and women. Part of the ranking calculation known as the 'Time Weighting' is based on how long ago the ranked event or match took place.  With each calendar year, results achieved 2, 3 and 4 years ago become worth less. The 2016 rankings now released no longer include points scored in the 2011 World Tchoukball Championships in Italy.

Jeff Ang, Director of the Technical Commission of the FITB spoke in more detail.

The FITB has expanded into Ethiopia and South Sudan with a recent training course held by Philip Kakungulu of the Uganda Tchoukball Association. Travelling to Addis Adaba and Gambella region in Ethiopia, Philip was supported financially and logistically by the FITB in his efforts.

The FITB has announced the details for the World Championships and the World Youth Tchoukball Championships.  The World Championships is the senior 7-a-side competition and is the largest and most important tchoukball event in the competitions calendar. This year, over 15 different countries will participate making it the largest event of its kind. The World Youth Championships is the equivalent for our youth sections at 12, 15 and 18 year old competitions for boys and girls across the world.

Taiwan hosted the 6th FITB Asia-Pacific Tchoukball Championships this Summer. There was concern at the start of the competition as tropical typhoons meant many of the athletes were delayed in their arrival. However, a record 10 countries braved the weather and high humidity to play a spectacular event.

From August 4 to August 15 of 2014, China Guangzhou Youth Tchoukball Team went to the French Réunion Islands to have a cultural exchange and also some friendly tchoukball matches. China Guangzhou sent more than 20 teenagers to the stunning Réunion Islands, situated off the coast of South East Africa for a ten day cultural tour.

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