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Peru and Guatemala coaching coursesOn the 13th and 14th July, the first FITB C level coaching course was held in Peru in the capital city of Lima. The course was conducted by the Brazilian FITB coach Archimedes de Moura Junior who was very optimistic regarding the development and future of tchoukball among the Peruvians.

Archimedes said:

"Most of the participants were physical education teachers and the participation was fantastic. They were very motivated to start developing tchoukball in their school and to working for the creation of the Peruvian Tchoukball Federation and the first international participation in a FITB next year in the Pan American Tchoukball Championships".

On the 27th and 28th July, a coaching course was held in Guatemala's capital city. The course was conducted by the Mexican FITB coach Cesar Camacho. During his trip to Guatemala, coach Camacho also took the opportunity to make some presentation to schools and universities and discuss plans for development in Guatemala and neighbouring countries, such as El Salvador and Belize with the FITB national representative, Mr Joel Espinoza.Peru and Guatemala coaching courses

Julio Calegari, the Brazillian FITB Director of International Development commented:

"I'm delighted to see new countries in South America starting their journey with tchoukball. The Pan-American Tchoukball Federation is beginning to grow rapidly and this is a very exciting time for tchoukball in our continent".

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