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Iceland - a year onIn 2017, FITB Vice President Chiara Volonté has been invited to introduce Tchoukball in Iceland. She travelled to Reykjavìk and then to Reydarfjordur, East-Iceland where she gave a refresher course to the local PE Teachers. She got a lot of interest from them and 2 PE teachers passed the test getting the C coach Licence. Anna Skrodzka-Peta and Thelma Snorrdottier became the very first Icelandic C coaches. It was also a great opportunity for kids from Grunnskòlì to experience tchoukball for the first time.

There is a Facebook page to follow Icelandic tchoukball at https://www.facebook.com/Tchoukball-Iceland-1967482676804883. You can also watch a video interview with Anna and her students at http://www.ruv.is/frett/tchoukbolti-ithrott-sem-hentar-ollum

We hope the tchoukball will be developed soon around Iceland, and if any tchoukball player is travelling to Iceland we invite you to contact Anna.

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