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Italy 2018 DetailsThe FITB is delighted to confirm that the 2018 FITB European Tchoukball Championships (ETC2018) and 2018 FITB European Youth Tchoukball Championships (EYTC2018) will be held in Italy, close to Milan. We will work with Tchoukball Italia to develop a comprehensive information document over the next few weeks and months. Proposed dates for the competitions are the last week of July for the EYTC and the first week of August for the ETC. Each competition is typically 3-4 days long.

When considering the bids, the Executive Committee looks at many factors: the quality of the sports halls, the ability of the host nation to manage a large competition, the number of volunteers that can help, the travel to the proposed venues and accommodation from airports as well as others. The Italian bid was very strong in all these areas and capable of offering a great environment for the competition as well as delivering real value for money.

During the process, Chiara Volonte, FITB Vice-President removed herself from the discussions and the vote due to her past association with the Italian Federation.

The FITB Executive Committee also paid tribute to the rival bid from the French Tchoukball Federation. The French bid was very high quality and the vote within the FITB Executive Committee was close.

Richard Jackson, Assistant General Secretary of the FITB and General Secretary of the European Tchoukball Federation commented:

"We wish the French Federation well in the development of tchoukball and the acceptance of the Italian bid shouldn't in any way be considered a rejection of the French bid. Both were very high-quality bids and it was a difficult choice for all concerned. Moving forward, the FITB Executive Committee is united that we would like to make these decisions more quickly, more in advance of international competitions and more transparently to our member tchoukball federations.

Rest assured, the delay in making this announcement has been because we have been engaged in many discussions to ensure we came to the right decision for the right reasons.

I hope you will join us in welcoming the decision to approve the Italian bid and we look forward to an exciting year of tchoukball in 2018."


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