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Pictured from left to right: Jeff ANG, Elvira JAMELO, HUANG Chun-Hua, FANG Shez-Szu, Silvia GHIORZO, Julio CALEGARI, Chiara VOLONTÉ, Tino SIU, Richard JACKSONNew FITB President Fang Shen-Szu presented his Executive Committee at the General Assembly in Taiwan last week and released further details yesterday about their roles and duties. The Executive Committee reports directly to the President and is the highest authority in tchoukball apart from the President himself. The new committee consists of 8 nationalities from 3 continents with 3 of the 8 posts occupied by women.

President Fang met with the new Executive Committee after the General Assembly during the World Beach Tchoukball Championships in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. During the meeting, he formally explained the positions each member held and asked each member to have a particular role leading a key aspect of his Presidency.

The new Executive Committee was happy to accept their new responsibilities and their appointments are given below together with their nationality.

Name Country Position Particular Responsibility
Mrs Chiara VOLONTÉ ITA 1st Vice-President Oversee promotion in Europe & Wheelchair tchoukball
Mr HUANG Chun-Hua TPE 2nd Vice-President Promotion in Asia with a focus on China to get tchoukball into major events
Mr Jeff ANG SGP General Secretary Oversee Technical Commission
Mr Richard JACKSON GBR Assistant General Secretary Oversee international communication
Mr Julio CALEGARI BRA Director of International Promotion Oversee all international promotion
Mrs Silvia GHIORZO ARG FITB Legal Advisor Oversee Ethics Commission
Mrs Elvira JAMELO PHI Treasurer Oversee finances and budget
Mr Tino SIU MAC Director of University Promotion Oversee promotion at university level and development in China

President Fang was very happy with the new postholders:

"During our time in Taiwan I was able to meet and to get to know my new committee. We are a close group, friends as well as colleagues, and I look forward to working with them over the next 4 years."

"We will be continuing the outstanding work of Honorary President Chris Huang as well as building on his successes."

Pictured from left to right:

Jeff ANG, Elvira JAMELO, HUANG Chun-Hua, FANG Shez-Szu, Silvia GHIORZO, Julio CALEGARI, Chiara VOLONTE, Tino SIU, Richard JACKSON

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