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Republic of China win World Beach Tchoukball ChampionshipsThe Republic of China won the World Beach Tchoukball Championships in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Both sides were dominant throughout the group stages and in both cases, triumphed over Singapore in the final. The world number 2 in both categories, Singapore, played with great heart but eventually, the Republic of China proved too strong for them through a combination of low hard shooting and top quality switching between shooters.

The competition saw many great matches and was particularly poignant for Cameroon as the first African side to participate in a world event. Cameroon achieved 8th place, a fantastic result for the Africans. Elsewhere, New Zealand improved hugely in the competition with 10th place. The Argentinian women performed superbly in the women's competition, finishing 4th in their first world event.

Czech Republic defied the odds with a strong performance ending in 4th place, with neighbours Poland finishing 5th, both good results for Europe. 

It was tough for newcomers Nepal but they had huge support from the crowd losing their final match to Thailand.

Hong Kong women were quietly efficient throughout the competition with a very strong defence and will be very happy with 3rd place.

Jeff Ang, Technical Director, was very pleased with the event:

"It was wonderful to see so many new sides in the competition this year, and I am particularly happy to see countries from all 5 continents participate. It is a great sign of things to come to have involvement from all over the world."

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