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Argentina vs Singapore in the women's semi-finalThe group stages of the World Beach Championships finished this evening with the Republic of China and Singapore winning their groups in the men's and women's categories. Both sides were dominant throughout and going into the semi-finals, Republic of China faced Hong Kong with Singapore facing Argentina in the women's competition.

Both favourites won through in the end but Argentina managed to scare Singapore in the early phase of their match with strong defence and low hard shooting from D'Avila on the left for Argentina. However, Singapore soon adapted their play and dominated after the first period.

Elsewhere, the Republic of China were clear winners over Hong Kong in the other semi-final.

Poland played Republic of China men on the show court at 19:00 and battled valiantly with Marcin Chudzik effective on the right before losing the match 28-61.

The Czech Republic lost against Singapore but have reached the semi-finals of the competition and will play Republic of China tomorrow.

Singapore also faces tough opposition in their semi-final against Macau tomorrow which should be a very close match.

Get the latest competition results and tables here: Men | Women

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