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Tchoukball promoted in Sri LankaTchoukball came to beautiful Sri Lanka recently as Tchoukball Sri Lanka Coordinators Wijeanama Wijesingh and Jonathan Wijeasingh invited Faisal Asad, Joint Secretary of the Pakistan Tchoukball Federation and FITB development representative, to Sri Lanka from 26 May to 1 June 2016. Promotional activities were organised in 3 different districts of Sri Lanka: Galle, Matra and Kandy.

The first training was organised in Youth for Christ YFC Center Galle. This was the first tchoukball training ever held in Sri Lanka. Players were really excited and happy to learn this new sport. Practical and theory sessions were included in the training and all ages from young children and youth players were involved in promotional activities and were motivated to continue tchoukball on a regular basis in their city, holding more and more promotional activities. 15 youth members and 10 children were present in the practical and theory sessions. They agreed to plan and organise tchoukball in other different YFC centres in Sri Lanka.

The Matra training session was the second promotional activity in Sri Lanka. This training was organised for 2 days for the participants. Theory and feedback sessions were held in the Sri Lanka Unites Reconciliation Centre in Kamburupitiya. Players were really interactive and happy to learn more about Tchoukball. A major factor in the success of the training was for these players to learn that tchoukball is for all ages and designed to reduce the number of sporting injuries.. Matra Youth were really excited to learn this new sport. In the morning there was a theory session including tchoukball rules and history followed by a practical session in the afternoon. Sri Lanka Unites Reconciliation Centres are engaged in all over different 36 districts of Sri Lanka and they are planning to organise and start the game in all the different cities and centres of Sri Lanka Unites. Over 40 girls and boys participated overall.

A further tchoukball Seminar was held in the Kandy District at the American Corner. Representatives from universities and high schools gathered for this seminar. They were really interested about this new game and at the end of this seminar Faisal received great feedback. After successful training sessions in the southern province, promotion in Sri Lanka continued in the Hill Capital of Kandy. The enthusiasm of the people from both men and women and many different ethnic backgrounds for the new sport was overwhelming. Faisal managed to introduce Tchoukball and train students in categories of under 16 and also over 18 years of age. After the training sessions 50 people were keen to attend future sessions and get involved in future Tchoukball promotions and development of the game in Kandy and Sri Lanka. The children in Kandy were also very interested and said they would love to play tchoukball in the different schools in Kandy city.

Here's a sample of the feedback received from the seminars:

"The best part of Tchouckball is that anyone from age 7 -70 can play this sport because of its nature of being a game with much fewer injuries. An easy yet competitive sport that can definitely be a prominent aspect in Sri Lanka."

- Menura Mudalige

"Really good experience for me. I should thank to Jony, Menura and Faisal Asad. Thank you!"

- Damith Walisundara

"First, I would like to thank you all for giving us such a great experience! It was an amazing experience for all of us as school leavers. Tchoukball is a sport full of energy! We had lot of fun! Thank you!!"

- Pavithra Gunaratne

"Yesterday I got a joyful experience for a long time. And also I would like all for giving a wonderful day for us. Thanks again."

- Nimesha Weerasinghe

"It is a very enjoyable game & love to play it again and again.… I think practices should be on twice per week, because it's better to improve our skills."

- Hiroshi Manorathne

"Though I haven’t involved in sports in the school I enjoyed this game very much and had an interest to continue doing it. Thank you"

- Sawani Madumali

Jonathan Wijeanama, Coordinator of Tchoukball Sri Lanka thanked Faisal Asad for visiting down to Sri Lanka and committing his time to kick start and promote this new and exciting sport in the districts of Galle, Matara and Kandy, and introducing Tchoukball to nearly one hundred players within the course of one week.

Julio Calegari, Director of International Development commented:

"I'd like to thank Faisal Asad personally for his time and energy promoting tchoukball in Sri Lanka and I'm delighted to hear that tchoukball positively impacted so many people regardless of background, age or gender."

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