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African Tchoukball ChampionshipsThe African Tchoukball Championships took place on 21-22 August in Kenya. It was attended by 5 countries: Cameroon, Kenya (with 2 teams), Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. Read about the competition from the President of the Kenyan Tchoukball Association, Kennedy Miruka.

"Right from the beginning, the African Tchoukball Championships was the event of the year that tchoukball lovers from Africa and beyond anticipated with bated breath. This was an event that had been hosted by very few African countries and Kenya was honored to be chosen to do host it in 2016 through the Kenya Tchoukball Federation, an organization formed in 2009 by Kennedy Miruka with the aim of introducing and promoting Tchoukball in Kenya and beyond.  

The strong support we received from the International Tchoukball Federation (FITB) did go a long way towards helping make the African Tchoukball Championships a success. The event had the participation of 5 countries; Cameroon, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and the host Kenya participating with two teams. There was a very high level of competition in the games which was a testament to how much the sport had grown in Africa. The event will go a long way in increasing the development of tchoukball in the country. This is our proudest moment to see the growth of Tchoukball in Africa.  The African Tchoukball Championships will help us move closer to our main aim of establishing tchoukball in Kenya and far and making it a household sport that enjoys great popularity and gratification. Kenya Tchoukball Federation (KTF) will work tirelessly to promote tchoukball in various parts of the country. We have received tremendous feedback from our competitors, international Tchoukball officials, our team, our staff and the general public on how to improve the game and further promote it in Africa. 

We wish to give special thanks to all those who contributed towards making the African Tchoukball Championships a success. This includes all the staff, venue, volunteers, competitors and team management."

Also run at the African Tchoukball Championships was a coaching seminar. This was held on 18 and 19 of August which was followed by a written exam for the participants.

Special thanks also go to Julio Calegari and Stefan Schuster who volunteered to attend and run the event on behalf of the FITB.

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