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 3rd South Asian Tchoukball ChampionshipsThe 3rd South Asian Tchoukball Championships was hosted by India in Haridwar Uttrakhand from 19 May to 21 May 2016. 3 South Asian countries participated: Nepal, Bangladesh and India. The opening ceremony was held in the indoor hall of the city sports complex in Haridwar Uttrakhand on 19 May. Attending was the Vice President of the Indian Tchoukball Federation along with other members of Indian Tchoukball Federation.

FITB reporter Eric Lu spoke about the tournament experience:

"A number of people were there to see this championships in the venue. All players, referees and other delegates attended the opening ceremony. The National Anthems for all three South Asian countries was sung along with some cultural programs. Then the matches started.

On the second day in the evening a gala dinner was also held to officially welcome everyone. It was a really unforgettable moment for everyone. On 21 May 2016 the final matches were played. All three countries gave it their best efforts. India was the winner, Bangladesh were 2nd and Nepal came 3rd. Prizes were distributed by VIP guests on 21 May in the evening. Then this championship finished. We hope to see more teams from across the South Asian countries next time in the 4th South Asian Tchoukball Championships. Secretary general Mr Ajay Singh gave thanks to all who gave their cooperation during this championship.


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