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SportAccord Convention 2016FITB President Chris Huang recently attended the the SportAccord Convention in Lausanne, Switzerland.  It was the 5th time he had taken part and the 3rd time the FITB had exhibited at the convention. The FITB had successfully obtained support from the Taiwanese Government to attend and President Huang was able to show the major achievements of the FITB since his last visit.

The FITB has 41 official national member associations over 4 continents. President Huang has now visited 84 countries for the promotion of Tchoukball. Since becoming President, the FITB has held more than 30th internationally recognised championships which is the highest number over a single Presidency in 40 years of development. FITB will apply for the membership of SportAccord. SportAccord membership is a vital step to getting more sponsors and support for each country within the FITB. It will greatly assist the promotion of tchoukball but there are some major steps to achieve before this.,

Jeff Ang, Assistant General Secretary of the FITB will assist the application process. FITB will need information from each National Federation which will be requested shortly. The FITB hopes to finish all the collection of this information by the end of August 2016, and then submit the application to SportAccord on in September. If this stage goes to plan then the FITB could apply for SportAccord recognition from the other International Federations in the convention in Denmark in 2017.

President Huang spoke about how countries could support the application in other ways:

"Increased participation in your continental championships this year is a great way to show the improving levels of tchoukball throughout the world. Being able to show SportAccord the level and quantity of matches is a vital component of recognition. It's also a great chance to improve your level of play with the other national teams participating."


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