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East Asian Tchoukball ChampionshipsChina hosted the 1st East Asian Tchoukball Championships and International Invitation Matches on 25 to 27 March 2016. 4 countries were involved with nearly 20 teams participating. Singapore was also invited to join the matches. It was a big step for China who are increasingly taking up tchoukball. Elementary, junior and senior high schools from China were involved.

It was a major step in introducing tchoukball to China and the Chinese development of tchoukball.

In the competitions itself, the East Asian Champions were ROC in the men's and women's category in both. The East Asia Men's second place went to Macau and for the women's competition, Hong Kong. The invitation matches men's second place went to Singapore.

Next year the 2nd East Asian Tchoukball Championships will be held in South Korea. It is hoped that participation will be even greater next time.

Chris Huang, President of the FITB was delighted with the competition:]

"We welcome the great response to tchoukball from China and we look forward to many more friendly matches with the Chinese teams across all forms of tchoukball competition".

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