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Taiwan hosted the 6th FITB Asia-Pacific Tchoukball Championships this Summer. There was concern at the start of the competition as tropical typhoons meant many of the athletes were delayed in their arrival. However, a record 10 countries braved the weather and high humidity to play a spectacular event.

The enthusiasm of the tchoukball players and their passion for tchoukball easily triumphed over the external factors. Asian competitions have for many years been a showcase for all types of tchoukball, with different age groups at youth level, university, beach and adult competitions to improve their tchoukball skills and befriend each other. After some thrilling games, the FITB Asia-Pacific Champions were Chinese Taipei in the men's and women's category with Singapore finishing second in both. Men's third place went to Macau and Hong Kong were third in the women's competition.

Asia-Pacific Tchoukball Federation President George Chou was delighted with the competition:

"The harmonious atmosphere combined with the excitement in the matches was a fantastic showcase for tchoukball in Asia.  The spirit of tchoukball is well and truly alive. We hope to see many more teams from across the world in the World Tchoukball Championships in Taiwan next Summer."

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