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From August 4 to August 15 of 2014, China Guangzhou Youth Tchoukball Team went to the French Réunion Islands to have a cultural exchange and also some friendly tchoukball matches. China Guangzhou sent more than 20 teenagers to the stunning Réunion Islands, situated off the coast of South East Africa for a ten day cultural tour.

During their stay, the Chinese delegation organised 4 tchoukball matches with their hosts with the support of the FITB. The scores of the matches were:

CHN 50-41 FRA
CHN 32-41 FRA
CHN 39-36 FRA
CHN 42-39 FRA

During their tour of the island, the China Guangzhou Youth group was welcomed warmly by local government and local Chinese organizations, making the tour a complete success. Players from both China and France became friends during the visit, working together to make a great  effort for the promotion of tchoukball.

FITB's Director of Coaching Shen-Szu Fang has been working in China with players and officials to promote and develop tchoukball. He was delighted to hear of the visit:

"China has been developing tchoukball at a rapid rate and has already started planning for success following their strong showing in the recent Asia-Pacific Tchoukball Championships.  It is great to see Chinese teams playing internationally at all levels, and I am sure we will see much more of them as they work with us, the FITB, to ensure success. I would like to congratulate all those involved in this important visit."

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